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Updating during this Lockdown

Well I don't think any of us will ever forget 2020.

A trying start to the year with our lockdown due to the Coronavirus. So, as I am classed as one of the vulnerable, and not allowed to work, I have had no excuse to not knuckle down and start sorting out, and updating this website with all the stock!

I did not realise how much stock I had lol. And so it began. I chilled out for a bit at first, and then started to catalogue all the stock onto a spreadsheet, no mean feat lol. Then I worked on a new Dot Mandala stone and my Heraldic shields that we were working on when we had to break up our Calligraphy classes, due to the lockdown) before I started the mammoth update on here, and I think its going to be a good few weeks before I get everything up to date, so please bear with me.

I am having to either photograph for the first time, or re-photograph a lot of items, and it has been very time consuming trying to get the lighting right and a good picture. (I really must do the online photography course I have, waiting to be done. That and all the Internet selling ones etc lol)

Slowly but surely it is coming together though. And today I have added photos to some of the jewellery items that were missing, and I have listed all the Sock Gnomes, with backgrounds on their characters for a bit of fun.

Then it will be back to Snake bracelets and SuperDuo bracelets, before I tackle the huge basket of Murano Glass pendants and earrings. All of them need to be photographed and listed. Then I need to do all the glass and....and... urghhh, I much prefer creating things to the essential but boring bit of putting them on here. And even when I have completed everything here, I will have to list everything on Shopify, NuMonday and Etsy. (My brain hurts)

Anyway enough chat, I still have an hour or so left for listing. So back to it I go.

Stay safe everyone, and a huge thank you to all the front line workers.

Much love x

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