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The Stone Setting Journey!

As some of you will know if you follow my Facebook page, I have had some stone setting courses waiting to be done, since I bought them in 2019!! So many things have got in the way of me starting them, mainly funds for tools, but I have finally got my backside off the ground and started the Flush Setting course.

These courses are from the Lucy Walker Academy, and are brilliant, there is so much information given as well as the videos to follow.

Flush Setting has always been my deepest wish, so I had a couple of goes over the last few weeks, and got very discouraged, as I just couldn't get the drills and burrs to sit still and other irritating little things like scratches. As you can see form the centre of my practice piece of metal, I broke off drill bits and skidded all over the place and then made some embarrassing first attempts.

Today, I decided to brave it again, and this time, although far from perfect, I actually felt like I was getting somewhere. They are the four outer stones with the white arrows! The top left one is the best one so far I think, but the real test will be when I release the metal from the thermoplastic and tap on the back and see if any fall out!! Lol that could be soul destroying.

When I feel I can make a consistently good setting, I have made a Sterling Silver moon shaped pendant to add the bling to. They are only 2mm CZ stones, as I have not got all the burrs I need to use to do the other sizes, but I will gradually buy them.

I have only ever been able to tube set gems before, but once I finish the courses, I will be able to do Flush, Bezel, Chunky Bezel, Octopus and Prong settings.,

I only have access to the videos til next January, as I have taken so long to get to them, (Oops) but hopefully, they wont involve too many more tools that I have yet to get.

So I hope you will enjoy watching my journey, warts and all!!

Take care of yourselves and stay safe as always x

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