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My name is Su' Murphy and I am the owner and creator of Cinta Handcrafted Jewellery & Gifts,

The name "Cinta" (pronounced Chin-ter) means "Love" in Malay, and I chose this name after a trip to Malaysia to visit some very special people, who I have the privilege to call very dear friends, and because love is very important to me, and although I sadly lost my beloved husband in 2018, I still have two sons who mean the world to me and some wonderful family and friends both in the UK and across the pond. 

At Cinta, I aim to produce thoughtfully designed and handcrafted jewellery and other crafts, from my workroom in the beautiful Sussex countryside.


All my jewellery is in Sterling Silver unless otherwise specified. I often incorporate beautiful gems or wonderful handmade Lampwork beads from some fantastic British artists.

I make all the components even the jump rings, unless I state otherwise, but it is rare to use anything shop made unless it is something like chain. This is why I say my jewellery is hand crafted one of a kind, as I make the jewellery I do not buy store components and assemble it.  In my mind that is not handmade it is hand assembled.  I do not mean to insult anyone by this statement, I just think that it is misleading to say something is handmade if it is just an assembly line.  I never realised the difference myself, until I started to make my own and then looked at other makers and realised what I had been buying for myself was not handmade but hand assembled.  Anyway off the soap box!!!  

I make everything myself, I have two 'Dens', one exclusively for Jewellery as sometimes when say, polishing it can create dust in the air and I would not like it to get onto, say my sock gnomes.  So I have another 'Den' where I make the aforementioned  sock gnomes, dot the stones, etch the glass, decorate the candles, do my bookfolding etc etc. 

In other words I am a one woman band! And I have many other crafts that I will gradually introduce, when I can get to them.  But I am enjoying studying Calligraphy in a wonderful class with a brilliant tutor called Gerald Mynott, who is amazing, patient and great fun.  I sometimes will share a little of my practice works on my facebook page or Instagram feed, click one of the links at the bottom and you will be taken straight there :).

So, I hope you will enjoy looking at my hard work, and perhaps be able to spoil yourself or someone you love.

You can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CintaHandCraftedJewellery and all 'likes' are most gratefully accepted :)  All my items, old new and sold, are in the galleries on the Facebook page.


Thank you for joining me,


Please Love and look after each other,


Su' xx










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Playden, East Sussex. TN31 7SU

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