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NEWSFLASH "Murano Glass Sets Drive Jeweller Mad!"

What can I say. I have over 100 listings to do for all the Murano Glass (style - I say style as they did not come from Italy) I am only half a dozen sets in and my head is ready to explode! I have had so many problems, from missed photographs, re-wording the description, the website editor crashed in the middle of loading all 386 photographs, and of course they never upload in the right order, so I had to list all the photo numbers from the original section on One Drive to make sure I had the right photos to each set, as there are several sets that at first glance are the same, but because they were handmade they vary slightly, and so everything on my website is catalogued on spreadsheets. All the photos needed cropping and tweaking to help say, the black things to show up on the black bust (I don't have a white one). Then, as if in anticipation of the huge task ahead, the website editor takes great pride in crashing just before I save an item so I have to start all over again ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

I knew it was going to take a long time to get them all on, but if todays progress is anything to go by, I have a feeling they won't all be on by Friday which was my target. And once they are, I will NEVER want to hear the words 'Murano Glass' again!! Hahaha!!

Oh well lets try to get just one more set on and then I will let myself give up for today! Stay home, Stay Safe (if not going mad!!)

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