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Murano Style Glass Jewellery!

I am currently wading through my enormous collection of Murano style Glass jewellery. I have it all catalogued and am now in the process of taking all the necessary photographs to be able to add them to my store. It is an epic job, and I have had to leave it for the moment as my poor cameras battery has died and is on charge lol.

These beautiful works of art are all handmade by very clever people lol, and I have to list every set independently even though they sometimes follow the same pattern, but of course, as they are handmade, they are never exactly the same. So I wouldn't want anyone to see a picture of a set and fall in love with it, only to receive a set that didn't have the one reason that it caught their eye.

There are over a hundred different lots, mostly sets, that require a shot of both the pendant and earrings together, then a shot of just the pendant and of course, a shot of just the earrings. So as you can imagine that is a terrific number of photographs to take.

The pendants with have a choice of ways to be worn, either with a ribbon with my own Sterling Silver swan clasp, or a triple metallic look cord, or a Sterling Silver chain. Each one will have to be made to the customers requirements so they will take a time to make when ordered. The corded fittings again have my Sterling Silver swan clasp and an extension chain with a matching bi-cone Swarovski Crystal on the end.

The earrings are mainly shown on a pair of my handmade ear-wires, but if the customer prefers, they can be swapped to shop made studs and scroll clasps.

So a lot goes into this collection, and I am hoping you enjoy them as much as I do, the photographs do not do them justice I promise you!

Anyway I must get back to work on here as I am hoping to make subcatagories in the Bracelets Collection, for the Snake bracelets and SuperDuo ones, so that you do not have to go through all of them to reach the individual bracelets. Fingers crossed I can do it!!

I hope you have a lovely day, as the sun is shining here, but above all, stay safe during this dreadful Coronavirus lockdown. Thank you for reading! xx

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