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Having finally got the website up and running properly with everything on it, I have just a couple of weeks left until I have to go back to work, when my furlough ends. So I have taken the time to get my diploma courses out.

I was part way through my calligraphy one when I started proper classes, but I have now also finished that diploma and am awaiting the result within the next couple of weeks. (bites fingernails)

So as that was out of the way, I had another 5 to chose from lol. A couple are about internet marketing, quite an important thing for me!, and a big one about social media marketing. Then another large one on digital photography (I have a Sony A200 DLSR but don't really know how to utilise it properly, and again, photographs are important for an online business. And lastly I bought a wedding planner course!!

So I decided to start on the smallest of the internet marketing ones, as I have been waiting for some goodies to arrive from the States for some Stone Setting courses that I have enrolled into online, and I had some essentials missing to work on them.

Just typically they have arrived just as I have started the other course. But I will carry on with it as one course at a time is as much as my brain cell can cope with lol. Plus I think there may still be a couple of things I need to start them, but I will have to check on the website.

So that's what I am up to at the moment. I find it hard studying if I am not making something, but I need to know these things so I just have to try to set my mind to it.

Once I start the jewellery setting course I will post some WIP photos but I don't think pictures of my coursework would be particularly interesting.

Anyway, stay safe, stay happy, and love one another! x

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