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This is the last of my tumblers that have been made to hold a tealight candle (included).

It features a stenciled glass paint design and then the crystal decals are glued on.

The tumbler measures approx. 7.5cm/3" high and 7cm/2.8" wide.

As some of the decals are glued on I should recommend only washing if absolutely necessary.  If you do decide to wash it I would suggest it is done very gently with just lukewarm water.

Please excuse the terrible photographs, I am hoping to get a polarizing filter for my camera, to enable me to take better photographs of glass, as I find lighting and showing the etched detail, very hard at the moment, hence the black insert to highlight the pattern better.

Yellow, Blue & Gold Decorated Tealight Tumbler

£3.99 Regular Price
£2.99Sale Price
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