This small vase is delightful, with its line of leaves and small flowers going from top to bottom, and its attentive butterflies on the side.

The vase measures approx. 16.5cm/6.5" high and 7.5cm/3" wide.

The etching is permanent and the glass is therefore safe to either handwash or place in the top rack of a dishwasher.

At the moment, my etching is done with a stencil and etching cream.  I am gradually getting to grips with hand engraving glass, using an electric engraving pen, and I am looking forward to introducing this, and eventually incorporating my Calligraphy to personalise items, as both skills grow. 

Please excuse the terrible photographs, I am hoping to get a polarizing filter for my camera, to enable me to take better photographs of glass, as I find lighting and showing the etched detail, very hard at the moment, hence the black insert to highlight the pattern better.

Small Vase with Leaf & Butterfly Design