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The only unmarried girl left in the family at the moment, Nelly is never to be seen without her beloved handbag, and has a heart of gold, and loves playing with all the young gnomes.  

Her long brown locks are kept neat and tidy in plaits, and she chose a dark brown body with a lovely soft pink and white hat. 

As she likes her accessories to match her handbag, she has purple bows on her plaits, a shiny purple heart on her chest, a purple edged flower on the tip of her hat, and some little pink and purple buttons on the side.  No-one can accuse Nelly of not being fashion conscious!  She also wears her 'Handmade with Love' button too.

The female gnomes, like the men, are basically all around the same size, though obviously a little smaller than the men. They all stand approximately 8.25"/21cm tall, and have a waistline of around 12.25"/31cm,  and no two gnomes are exactly the same. Well they wouldnt be really would they, we are all different!

Their bases contain 400g of rice, a little lighter than the men,but  they are still quite weighty and therefore I would always suggest that they are lifted by the base.

Like the men, they can be made to work as door stops (ignore their complaints about 'The Crimes Against Gnomes Act' or, like mine, are just allowed to be ornaments, being preened and living the life of luxury.


£22.00 Regular Price
£5.50Sale Price
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