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This is my favourite bookfold so far.  It has a nice red cover and the 'o' of 'love' is turned into a heart shape.  I bound it with a ribbon that also has love on it.  To finish it I placed a red butterfly which has a double set of wings - the second ones stand-up, just above the 'o' and put a heart shaped rhinestone in the centre of it.

Then the flowers start! 

I placed a row of flowers along the spine, covering the book title, with a little heart shaped rhinestone in the centre of each flower.

I then made two bouquets from the big collection of paper flowers I own. (I didnt make the flowers though, I just make the bouquets).

I love making these little bouquets, and the flowers are quite hardy, especially the Roses, they are quite strong.

The first of these bouquets I placed on the front cover of the book and then the most elaborate bouquet, was placed under the ribbon at the end of the word 'Love'. I added little feathers at the back to soften the edges.

This would make a beautiful gift for that special person in your life.


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  • It is a form of art.

    Book-folding stems from Origami, whichas I imagine you already know is an art of paper folding. Bookfolding, folds the paper whist still in the book, and can be just page folding, or you can make a small cut, and then fold over that section as in this particular listing, giving an inverted image, or it can even be a combination of the two, for example an outer heart that has been folded, and the a name of your loved one inside the heart which has been cut and folded.

    The books usually use words, numbers or silhouette pictures as a template to create the folded art. There are many ways to achieve this beautiful art. From the simple to the complex creations.

    Whilst some might feel it is a ruination of a book, most art lovers look at it as recycling a no longer wanted book. It is very theraputic to make, although very time consuming.

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