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Inspired by Native American jewellery, this gorgeous necklace feels like material, because the beads have been woven tightly together by hand and are size 11/0 Miyuki seed beads.  Miyuki are one of the finest seed beads makers, and you can depend upon them to keep all but one or two of the beads to be exactly the same size which is essential for weaving.  It is a very slow process uses a great amount of thread as well as time but it is quite theraputic because I just love the way the end product feels.   They are made using emerald lined blue beads and every other bead is a fuschia lined purple bead, giving a wonderful overall colour.

The clasp is one of my homemade spiral clasps and for this reason I have also put one of my heart shaped logo tags on it which has my personal hallmark on the back.

The chain measures just under 18" (approx 45.5cm)

All my jewellery is sent in a presentation box unless otherwise stated.

Handwoven Swag Seed Bead Necklace

£109.99 Regular Price
£55.00Sale Price
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