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This was the first of my series of woven necklaces to be completed and I love it so much because it really allows you to feel the freedom of movement that the hand weaving allows beads to make.  None of my woven items are made with a loom, they are all done by hand, bead by bead.  The biggest of the "flag " shaped pieces measures just under 1" long and they gradually get smaller as they go around the neck until the ones at the back are just under ½" long.   Hand weaving means a committment of a great deal of time (and thread - the biggest flag took 1½ metres of thread to weave lol) but the satisfaction felt when the necklace is complete makes it all worthwhile.

The clasp is a twisted wire "S" shaped clasp handmade by me.

N.B. Please note the earrings shown with this necklace are available separately and DO NOT come with this necklace. Thank you.

The necklace measures 19¾" (approx 50.25 cm)

All my jewelley is sent in a presentation box unless otherwise specified.

All Sterling Silver necklaces, bracelets and ankle bracelets have a heart shaped logo tag attached which is also hallmarked with my own mark.  This will mean that all silver used is Sterling Silver.)

Handwoven Graduating Seed Bead Necklace (Not incl. earrings)

£119.99 Regular Price
£60.00Sale Price
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