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Furgus, what a little ray of sunshine he is.  He has a very jaunty nature and chose a brown body and a yellow/white striped hat, which he decorated with flowers as he feels this will make everyone smile when they see him.

He has a lovely thick beard, and is not at all worried that he cannot shape it like some of the others fellas in the family.  He like his image just the way it is.

All the male gnomes are basically the same size. (Don't tell them!) They all stand approx 9.25"/23.5cm tall and have a waist of 12.25"/31.5cm. BUT no two gnomes are exactly the same. Well they wouldnt be really would they, we are all different!

Their bases contain 500g of rice, so they are quite weighty and therefore I would always suggest that they are lifted by the base.

They enjoy having their beards brushed to look their best at all times. (Well you never know when a good looking lady gnome might come visiting!!)

They can be made to work as door stops (ignore their complaints about 'The Crimes Against Gnomes Act' or, like mine, are just allowed to be ornaments, being preened and living the life of luxury.


£29.00 Regular Price
£14.50Sale Price
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