This listing is for a beautiful starfish Murano Glass (style) set.

The starfish have white backs, and then think gold and pink lines radiate from the centre, making this a very pretty set.

Each set differs slightly from the others, because, being handmade, (not by me, I might add) no two are exactly alike, sometimes a slight difference in the way the pattern came out, and their sizes vary a little too.  They are all catalogued and listed seperately. So you will always get the set that is in the picture.

This set comprises of a pendant measuring approx. 5.5cm/2.2" long and 5.8cm/2.3" at its widest part. And a set of matching earrings, the measurement of the actual glass piece is approx.  2.2cm/0.9" and 2.4cm/0.9"at its widest part.

The earrings are hung on a pair of my handmade ear wires, (with a little rubber tube on each to stop any accidental losses - just like the butterfly on the studs, but they can be swapped to a pair of shop bought studs, if you would prefer them to be, (no extra cost incurred) please j