This listing is for a small Murano Glass (style) pendant.

It is a black backed flat twisted pendant with highlights on the front in gold and white.

Each item differs slightly from the others, because, being handmade, (not by me, I might add) no two are exactly alike, sometimes a slight difference in the way the pattern came out, and their sizes vary a little too.  They are all catalogued and listed seperately. So you will always get the item that is in the picture.

The pendant measures approx. 2.7cm/1.1" long and 1.7cm/0.6" at its widest part.

It can be hung on either an organza ribbon or a triple metallic cord, both finished with one of my handmade Sterling Silver hooks, and a Sterling Silver extention chain featuring a matching Swarovski crystal.  Just pick whether you would like a ribbon or the cords using the options listed.  The price is for one or the other not both.  BUT this pendant is very light and does not have the weight to really pull down the ribbon, so I might suggest you chose the cords, although I am trying to find a thin black ribbon that I like.  But ultimately the choice is yours.  Its size is reflected in the price.

Pictures of all the colours available, are listed in this collection, in two listings, one for the ribbon choices and the other for the cords - as the site would not allow me to add that many pictures to each items listing!

So please check out those colour listings and then chose from the menu on here, decide on the length you would like,  -  and I will make them to order.  I will be as accurate as possible on the length.  This will obviously cause a minimal delay to the postage of the order.

There is a third option, which does include an extra cost, and that is you can have a Sterling Silver Chain, please message me for the price.  

These item are presented wrapped in lilac tissue paper and placed in a pretty organza drawstring bag.

Small Black Flat Twist PENDANT ONLY