This listing is for the first of my 'leaf' Murano Glass (style) sets. Although they are not the colour of leaves, they just seemed to describe the shape the best way!

Each set differs slightly from the others, because, being handmade, (not by me, I might add) no two are exactly alike, sometimes a slight difference in the way the pattern came out, and their sizes vary a little too.  They are all catalogued and listed seperately. So you will always get the set that is in the picture.

This set has an aubergine back, and the front is highlighted with gold, green,turquoise, and some fine black lines. It really is quite stunning.

This set comprises of a pendant measuring approx. 7cm/2.8" long and 4.3cm/1.7" at its widest part. And a set of matching earrings, the measure