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This is one of the smaller flat stones and has a vibrant red base with the colours spiraling out from the centre. 

Once fully dry, it is coated with resin to make it shine and protect it from damage and sunlight. This resin has some irrescent mica in it to make it shimmer in the light.

Each stone is a one of a kind.

This stone measures 3"/8cm wide, and 1"/2.7cm high.

All my Dot Mandala artworks are named after either a star, galaxy or constallation. 

Each piece has a little card sent with it, explaining its names origin, with details of what constallation it is in etc.  

I put small felt pads on the bottom to protect any surfaces it is put on.  These stones make very pretty paper weights but are also very pretty just as they are, as ornaments.  They can be put down flat, or tilted against a firm surface, or in a frame holder or similar device.

I make all my own stones from molds. This mold is made by the Happy Dotting Company.


£17.99 Regular Price
£9.00Sale Price
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