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Another Morning, Another Day of Fun on the Website!

I hope you all had a good weekend. I had a productive one, in that.......(drum roll please) .... I finished listing all the Murano Glass jewellery, yay!!!

So its a new week, and I have spent the morning setting up (I hope) Google Analytics, so I can see what interest, if any, there has been on my site! I am hoping this will help me to guide my site to the best chance of getting sales. Time will tell as they say.

Its nearly lunchtime now so I think I will get that out of the way and then this afternoon I will list my one and only Bookfolding entry that is complete, at the moment, and then I will read up on how best to photograph all my glassware, as I have great difficulty in getting good photographs that don't have reflections, and I need them to show the etching better.

I have got a lot of online courses to complete, one of which is on photography, so I am hoping I can browse through the course and get some tips to help me right now, and then I will get to all the courses when the website is up to date, and I have had a little 'play' time lol.

The days are going so fast, and I would really like to have this all set up before I am recalled to work. At least the lockdown has meant that I have had no excuse to not get everything listed, So I should really like to get it finished, and vow that I will add things as I make them from now on. I never want to have to do all so much in one go again!

Anyway, I need to sort out my lunch and Puddytat's and then I can get back to this.

Stay safe everyone! xx

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